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    Grow Together Business Admin Lessons

    It’s no secret that Business Admins are the backbone of many ministries. This course gives you insights that will help move your organization toward courage,...
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    Grow Together Finance Lessons

    This course is the collection of Finance lessons from Grow Together Conference 2024. Covering budget building to donor development that is discipleship-based, this course will...
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    Grow Together HR Lessons

    Find all the Advanced HR and HR Foundations lessons from the 2024 Grow Together Conference here. This course will take you from Talent Planning 101...
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    Grow Together Marcom Lessons

    This course is a primer for using the StoryBrand framework in ministry, building your website from your BrandScript, and taking a peek over the technological...
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    Grow Together People Manager Lessons

    Leadership development for every level of people manager. From coaching to change management, this is a great jump start for your leadership development....
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    Grow Together Safety Lessons

    Keeping your ministry safe is essential in this day and age. The Safety lessons in this course guide you to building a healthy safety team....
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    Grow Together Senior Leadership Lessons

    Leading and managing people is difficult, and in the course, we give you the insights needed to lead your team with care and health at...
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    Grow Together Conference Library

    It takes a coordinated effort to get ministry teams aligned and working towards a common goal. Continuing education, networking & exposure to new ministry opportunities...
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