Human Resources Courses

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    Above Reproach Supervisor (Federal Version)

    This Federal compliant sexual harassment prevention training course is for ministries, schools, and camps.
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  • Featured image for “Grow Together HR Lessons”

    Grow Together HR Lessons

    Find all the Advanced HR and HR Foundations lessons from the 2024 Grow Together Conference here. This course will take you from Talent Planning 101 to Healthy Staff transitions.
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    HR Ministry Network Conference 2023

    This HR Ministry Conference will prepare you for 2023’s new HR, finance, and legal updates. We understand your time as a ministry HR professional is slim. Missing continuing education and conferences can have negative effects on your organization. That’s why we’ve created The HR Ministry Network to bring you events with local experts at a fraction of the cost. Our
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    Leveling 101

    Leveling 101 from our HR Ministry Network Concerence
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    Ministry Compensation 101 Class

    A class on Ministry Compensation taken from our Ministry Network Conference in January 2023.
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